90% of trafficking victims come into contact with healthcare workers while they are actively being exploited, but less than 5% are identified

We can change that.

Discover State-of-the-Art Training to Combat Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation at Your Facility.

To ensure the safety and well-being of those affected by human trafficking and sexual exploitation, it is crucial for hospitals and other medical facilities to establish screening and training protocols aimed at identifying and providing proper care for victims.


Founder and President, Paradigm Shift Training and Consulting
Creator of the Exploitation ID System(TM)



Heidi Olson and her team at a children’s hospital in Kansas City implemented an evidence-based screening process in the Emergency Department that helped identify, serve, and treat hundreds of vulnerable children who were victims of exploitation starting in 2019.

Before this training, the hospital could only identify approximately two victims of this type per year.

You see, 87% of trafficking victims seek medical assistance through healthcare facilities while actively being trafficked. Yet only 4% of those victims are identified by healthcare workers. That means that thousands of traumatized victims’ physical, mental health, and emotional needs are stepping inside the doors of hospitals nationwide and ASKING for help…
… and going unmet.

These Children Are Slipping Through Giant Cracks

These children and adults are slipping through giant cracks because healthcare facility staff are untrained in the delicate areas of human trafficking and exploitation.

Paradigm Shift Training and Consulting was born out of these fissures.

Heidi’s mission at Paradigm Shift is to provide healthcare workers with the necessary skills and training to identify human trafficking and exploitation. Her goal is to ensure that victims are given the help they need through multidisciplinary efforts, using systems and processes tailored to the unique needs of patients, hospitals, and their respective communities.

Reasons Your Facility Needs Its Own Screening and Training Processes:

Effective screening is essential to diagnose exploitation and trafficking, but relying solely on “awareness” is insufficient to provide effective care.

Research and anecdotal evidence indicate that while actively trafficked, most trafficking victims (87%) seek healthcare. However, out of all the individuals who have experienced abuse, only 4% of them are identified and acknowledged by healthcare professionals Due to the trauma they have experienced, these victims have various physical, mental, and emotional needs. They are in dire need of assistance from healthcare providers.

The vast majority of victims will not disclose their exploitation or abuse to healthcare workers or police, which is why properly trained healthcare workers are imperative.
Increased identification and services can lead to research opportunities, grant funding, and donations. Identifiable and measurable results are attractive to community members.

Help Victims And
Increase Funding Opportunities

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Examples of the Exploitation ID System(TM) in Action


Healthcare Facilities Have a Critical Responsibility to Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking and Exploitation.

If you want your hospital to take a stand against human trafficking and child exploitation and meet the demands of your community while also improving funding opportunities to ensure your facility is better equipped to handle difficult situations, then schedule a meeting today.